With Simonis 861 cloth, Chinese pool finally has the potential to break through on a global level.

Non-directional and worsted to assure constant speed in all directions, the smooth surface of Simonis 861 has been specially developed for Chinese pool and its consistent quality over life boosts the precision of your game.

Known for its ultra-regular wear avoiding the appearance of gullies or fluff, Simonis 861 cloth is easily maintained without any need to iron, and its surface is engineered to be spill-resistant.

Simonis : the leading pool cloth selected by virtually all tournaments worldwide.                   
Founded in 1680.


  • A Better Playing Surface, Because It’s Flatter.

Simonis Cloth gives you a flat, flawless playing surface because it’s made from WORSTED yarn. Beginning with the very finest virgin wool, skilled craftsmen comb it to remove the short wool fibers from the yarn, and then twist the remaining long fibers tightly together into yarn that is unmatched in the industry. This yarn is woven into a cloth that’s tough, smooth and level. The final shearing process removes random fibers, leaving a flat, nap-free surface.

  • Simonis is recommended by Aramith

Aramith, the undisputed worldwide ball leader in all disciplines, recognizes Simonis being of superior quality, and the most suitable to enhance your game. The new Simonis 861 cloth has been specially engineered in the Simonis premises in Belgium in order to find the best solution for the Chinese Pool player.


  • Superior Value, Superior Play.

The essential benefit of Simonis Cloth is its effect on your game.

Feel the surface carefully and you’ll realize that Simonis Cloth is free of any nap that would pill, shed or compress to form gullies on your table. With no felt-like nap to break down, the worsted threads provide a smooth, even surface to assure consistent speed, “English,” and cushion rebound on every shot. With Simonis Cloth, you never need to overpower a shot to get distance. Always, you’re in control.

More record runs have been made on Simonis Worsted Cloth than any other surface. A flawless, defect-free playing surface is why Simonis Cloth has been on tournament tables all around the world… for generations.