21st World Cup for Caudron

Ho Chi Minh City , May 26th 2019

For a while, it looked like it could be Zanetti’s tournament. Then it became a Belgian affair, with Forthomme and Merckx in the hunt. But in the end, there was nobody who could stop Caudron. In his well-known fluent style, he overpowered both Merckx (semifinal) and Forthomme (final) to win his 21st World Cup.


With a main tournament average of 1.725, the 2019 Ho Chi Minh World Cup was the fifth best ever. Haeng Jik Kim had the high run (18), and the best match was played by Caudron (40 in 12). 

The top of the world ranking does not change: Jaspers stays in 1st place and he is followed by Caudron, Tran, Sayginer and Merckx. The next World Cup will be played in Blankenberge, Belgium, from 17 – 23 June.  

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