Cloth Care & Maintenance

Did you know that proper installation of your cloth can prevent premature wear? 

If cloth is installed too loosely, or if it loosens on your table over time, the cloth can "bunch up" in front of the ball, thus greatly increasing the appearance of ball burns or white marks on the cloth. Simonis is meant to be installed tightly over the surface of the slate. This not only provides the best playing conditions, but it will ultimately increase the usable life of your cloth. In addition, the fact that SIMONIS™ cloth does not stretch like lesser cloths, it stays tight on the table once properly installed.

To remove the chalk and talc powders, we exclusively recommend the Simonis X-1. Some small vacuums can pick up bowling balls, but this will only stretch the cloth on the table and possibly harm the grouting of the slates as well. The Simonis X-1, is a new device that will allow you to keep your cloth in great playing condition and extend the cloth's life.

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Stains on the cloth? Contact your local Dry Cleaners as they have some pretty interesting and effective techniques to resolve these incidents. Remember, Simonis is a worsted wool, so be sure to mention that fact.  

What are ball burns?

Marks left on the surface of the cloth that are usually white in color are referred to as ball burns. Simonis' high wool content helps to reduce the appearance of these marks, and we also recommend using phenolic balls to further reduce the appearance of ball burns. Ball burns from polyester balls are actually marks left on the cloth from degradation of the surface of the ball itself. Phenolic balls are much harder and are more resistant to heat than polyester balls.  

As always, the cloth and the balls should be clean. Any residue that has built up on the ball will leave marks on the cloth. Simple maintenance will prolong the life of your cloth, the aesthetic appearance of your table and your enjoyment of your game.