Quality control

We are probably the only manufacturer of billiard cloths that manually carries out three intensive quality checks during production, as well as visual inspection of every piece of cloth after every phase of the manufacturing process. All of our coverings are checked a first time as they leave weaving. We employ specialised staff who inspect every metre of cloth and rectify any spinning and weaving defects. This inspection is repeated after dyeing and a final time before the cloth joins the stock of finished products. In addition, we carry out regular dynamometric tests to check the conformities of extension, elasticity, thickness and abrasion of our cloths. These tests ensure the constant quality of Iwan Simonis cloths, a fact you yourself will be able to bear witness to on your table.

Since 2003, our company has satisfied ISO 9001:2000 certification standards for the production and sale of billiard and casino cloths, reinforcing our continuous commitment to improving the quality of our products.