Coated cloth

The Simonis H2O is a painted cloth specially treated to be resistant to occasional contact with liquid. Its waterproof quality protects it for several hours from water and other beverages that could accidentally be spilled on your table. 

This coated billiard cloth is available in:

920 H20 - width 165 cm, yellow-green
760 H2O - 165 and 195 cm width, color yellow-green

Yellow Green

However, for superior, professional performance we recommend the classic Iwan Simonis non waterproof cloths on which our brand’s worldwide reputation has been built: Iwan Simonis 860 and 760 for pool and Iwan Simonis 300 for carom. 

Outdoor cloth

The Simonis outdoor cloth is a 760 pool cloth that has been treated as a coated cloth and that also received an UV resistant treatment. This billiard cloth is perfectly suited to all types of weather. Thanks in part to its UV-resistance, the colour remains constant and the cloth remains taut. It does not absorb water, which makes it efficient for use in rain or snow.

Available in petrol-blue only.

Petrol Blue