World Record - World Cup 3-Cushion

Daniel Sanchez won the final of the World Cup 3-Cushion in Luxor (Egypt) this sunday 1st of April 2017 defeating Dick Jaspers 40-28 in 10 innings and breaking the UMB World Record General Average with 2,777 (200 points in 72 innings).

Daniel Sanchez commented this amazing World Record :

"I can hardly believe it, to win with this record in a field as strong as this. We've spoken about it amongst ourselves, with a few of the top players. It's hard to predict where 3-cushion is headed. Two average, three average ... we can only dream about the future of all this." He tried to come up with explanation : "The equipment is better, the competition gets more intense every year. We drive each other up to new heights."

But for sure, all these records are made on Iwan Simonis 300 RAPIDE.

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